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Three years ago, after my graduation of high school, I decided to enrol in Wuhan University of Technology to study CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma programme as both my parents and I realized that it was a perfect international education programme for such students highly interested in English as me. More importantly, I can explore my academic career in the country where I have dreamed to study since the very first day of my English class in middle school and obtain a honorary bachelor degree prior to the application of Master courses in top business schools in United Kingdom. 
During the process of my CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma study, I gradually realized that understanding of the textbooks is far from enough to have a thorough interpretation of the whole economic system unless we read more reference books and think about the economics issues whenever possible out of class. Thus, from my point of view, independent study does play a crucial role in my college study because it is what you do and how much effort and time you invest in your study that fully develops your potential and eventually makes you different from others. Clearly, university life is not all about study. In the past three years in Wuhan University of Technology, I became a more mature young man who are not longer the boy who used to rely everything on his parents. Besides, university is like a virtual small society in which I feel that many things cannot be done merely with individual power. Instead, it requires me to have effective communication and teamwork with my colleagues and teachers in order to enhance the efficiency of study, especially in the case of group presentation. 
After completion of CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma with Triple ‘A’ in all the 3 Grade Units, I have greatly benefited from CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma programme not only in terms of the opportunity to adapt to the traditional British education style and to lay solid foundation for my study in specialized field but also an international platform to compete with excellent students from all corners of the world! Meanwhile, during my study in the CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma programme, I began to know how to fight for what I want on my own with individual endeavour. 
As the overall winner of ‘Contemporary China’, I view the award not only as an affirmation of my personal accomplishment but also as a recognition of the joint effort made by all students and teachers contributing to the success of CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma programme. Personally, this honour is a meaningful milestone that will encourage me to spare no effort to make greater progress and achieve more excellent performance in my upcoming study in UK. 
Finally, on this very occasion, I would like to give my special thanks to SQA, the organiser of ‘Inspiring Scotland and Contemporary China’ competition for their hospitality for my family during our stay in Scotland, my school and teachers who educated me in the past three years and my parents who have been so supportive since I was born. In addition, I sincerely hope more and more students can benefit from this life-changing education opportunity that CSCSE-SQA Advanced Diploma programme has offered to us.
Where there is a will, there is a way!

Overall winner of ‘Contemporary China,
Xianglong Chen


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